Since Cherry Blossom is a brand new community, we're just receiving our first testimonials. We're also proud to share what some of our residents and family members say about other Traditions communities:


"We visited Cherry Blossom and the rooms were very nice. We also visited the dining room, bistro, exercise room and salon while we were there. I wish now we would have moved forward with them instead of my sister's current [two-story] facility. Cherry Blossom is a one-story building and [with Covid restrictions] we would have been able to visit through the windows and say hello." ReviewerFY1202  (Caring.com) 

"My father moved to Cherry Blossom Senior Living. I very much like the facility. They are very communicative. We keep in touch quite often, which I very much appreciate with the lockdown; that's a very important thing. I think the room is appropriately sized for him. I think he wanted something a little bigger, but he doesn't really need anything bigger. It doesn't look like you're in any kind of facility. It doesn't look like you're in a hospital or anything like that. So, it's cozy. He likes the food. He's a little bit immobile, so he can't participate in all of the activities, but he does get frequent visits. I know they have a theatre, a courtyard, and a bistro like a food place. They do have a bar for happy hour and that is all I'm personally aware of. They could have more, but I'm not totally sure. I very much like their layout. I like the facility. I like the inside. It's a brand-new facility, so everything looks very new and modern." SK (Caring.com) 

"I just want to take a moment to express my personal gratitude for the wonderful care that was provided to my father-in-law, John, during his time at Cherry Blossom. You and your staff are incredible, and I want all of you to know how much your efforts to provide the best care possible were appreciated! In addition, all of you went above and beyond last December to help us have a family holiday gathering with Dad, and those cherished memories are now a special source of comfort in our time of loss. Blessings and continued prayers for the health and safety of you, your staff and the residents of Cherry Blossom! P.S. A love of photography was something that Dad and I shared. I would therefore like to offer to donate a print to Cherry Blossom in his memory to be displayed wherever you deem most appropriate, whether it be in an area for staff or a common gathering space/hallway." Warm Regards, Linda K. 

"Cherry Blossom Senior Living is a very nice facility. I met with a bunch of people that had family there and they said the care was great. The rooms are very nice. It's like a nice hotel room. The aides are all very friendly. It's light, bright, and clean. Because of COVID you can't go in. They have a lot of activities and a lot of amenities. They keep the residents busy. I'm very happy with where my husband is at. Once I saw this place, it was like, 'This is it.'" Anonymous 

"I love Cherry Blossom. There are always things to do. The activities are scheduled daily so we have things to do. The food is good with weekly menus, but the staff is the best. Depending upon your activity level, the staff makes the difference between an ok place and a great place, and Cherry Blossom's staff is great. I love living here. I have a sweet apartment and staff that help me as needed. This is my home. From maintenance to nursing, I love them all." Linda B. 

"We wanted to say thank you to all of you who helped Dad (Richard S.) during his time at Cherry Blossom. Some of you we met, many of you we did not, but we are so very appreciative for your care of Dad and for the help you provided him whether you gave him meds, helped with the cleaning of his room or the facility, took care of his physical needs, engaged him in conversation, or helped fix his meals. We also thank those who helped in the administrative part of running the facility because we think you all do a stellar job! Thank you for being kind and patient. Thank you for doing your jobs well. Thank you for making our visits pleasant with your cheerful greetings and willingness to answer questions or provide assistance.

Dad died before the Covid crisis hit. But as we have reflected on things, we thought we should tell you that had Dad still been alive, there would be no place better for him to be if we couldn't visit, than Cherry Blossom. We know he would have received excellent, kind and thoughtful care, even in our absence. So again, thank you for all you do!!

Those of you who interacted with Dad in his room know that he LOVED his wintergreen mints. These bags have wintergreens in them and we hope they convey a small portion of our thanks and that they remind you of Dad. He definitely had his grumpy moments, but we know that he also deeply appreciated your care. Thank you with deep gratitude from all 42 members of our family." Most especially, Keri, Fred, Erin, Caroline, Hannah and Kristin S. 

"Cherry Blossom provided hospitality for my family during the loss of my uncle who was a resident. The facility is beautiful, clean, the food is deliciousness and the service was outstanding. I highly recommend this property for the care of senior family members in Ohio." David A.

"My mother is in Cherry Blossom Senior Living. They have an activity room where you can do things if you want to. There's a nurse on-duty 24 hours a day, a doctor comes twice a week, and all the aides and the ladies that take care of her are very friendly, very kind, and they give her hugs. It's an excellent, pleasant place. It's new, it smells new, and it's fresh. It's just a beautiful facility. The food is excellent. They have real meals, tablecloths, and even when they bring her food, it's on a tray with a linen tablecloth; they even have little teapots and teacups. The food service is also excellent." Anonymous (Caring.com)

"I am so glad we chose Cherry Blossom for Mother's memory care! The staff there is wonderful. Everyone from maintenance, to the chef, nursing, concierge, etc. has been so helpful and friendly. Mother has embraced her new friends (staff and residents) and is truly happy. Who could ask for more?" Sunny C. 

"Cherry Blossom is a beautiful facility, with a very nice, knowledgeable and attentive staff." Ashten H. 

"I've never been more blown away than I was by the passion the Cherry Blossom staff displayed throughout this process." Josh K.  

"I can't begin to thank each and every one of you gals for how wonderfully you took care of my sister, Dorothy. She loved each of you and this lovely home. You all have a very special place here and do great work. Dorothy loved you all." Bill & Jan B. 

"A warm and friendly place. Everyone is caring and helpful. The facility is beautiful with many things for the resident to do." Anonymous (APlaceForMom.com)

"There are not enough words to express my thanks and gratitude to the staff of Traditions. They have been so loving and thoughtful with the care of my mother. The facility is lovely as are the other residents. My mom is enjoying the new friends she has made and all the activities she gets to participate in. Thank you to everyone at Traditions at North Willow." Terri M.

"We have a breakfast group that meets every other month at Middleton. Max, the Middleton Community Relations Director and the staff do an outstanding job in hosting us. The food and facilities are very good." Dave830854 (caring.com)

"The building is well-designed and very functional. The interior is extremely wide, decorated, attractive and clean. The administrative staff is efficient, open to suggestions, and involved to an unusual extent. The nursing staff is a really caring group, very attentive and helpful and all of the nurses, waiters and aides are supportive and cheerful. The residents seem to be content and satisfied with the food and activities. What a great day it was when I found Middleton!" June H. 

"Things are going well for my mother since she moved to this community. The staff is all friendly and the meals are great. We have not found anything that needs to be improved." Anonymous (APlaceForMom.com) 

"My wife passed away in 2016. I have only one child who wanted me to live with her. She has four teenagers at home, so I didn't want to upset their life. But my daughter wanted me to be close to her, so she suggested Middleton. I arrived April 1st and everything has been wonderful. I've had two strokes and I needed good healthcare. I get that here. I have met numerous friends and every night I eat with the same bunch. Food is good here, a lot of activity to keep me busy. I love this place!!"  Tom G. 

"Lovely!! The new Traditions at North Willow is absolutely beautiful. The soothing gray/blue palette of colors creates a calm and relaxing environment. The staff is wonderfully friendly and helpful. Definitely a place to check out if you are downsizing and looking for a fresh, new, beautiful place to call home!" Johna C.

"The staff is kind, caring and professional." Anonymous (internal questionnaire)

"Our family is very pleased with my father's move to this community. It is a very nice place with great people. We know he is safe and receiving great care. I do not live in the same state, but I have gotten nothing but positive reports from our family. It is an excellent community and I would recommend it." Anonymous (APlaceForMom.com)

"Staff members are helpful and kind. Management has been open and responsive to all feedback." Anonymous (internal questionnaire)

"Middleton kind of had all those aspects that I was looking for for my mom. For instance a lot more normal kind of lifestyle things: the club, the happy hour, the ability to go out, outdoor living, which is really important to my mom. And she had the ability to choose from the options that they had here. Dining that would allow you to order from a menu, those kinds of things.

I think that because with mother here, I feel that it's given her some safety, some security, while still honoring her independence. And that's been a comfort for me, that I'm not thinking she's by herself. She's very social and she has lots of friends. Lots of activities, which she did not have in her condo. My husband and I were her social outlets, probably for quite a while." Kathy W.  

"You have stable-headed and strong nursing/CNA staff. My trust is growing." Anonymous (internal questionnaire)

"I felt I should make the change. I was getting older, my husband and I are getting older, I have a big home. And so I thought I should make that change. And I saw this building going up and what I saw I liked. Opening day, I came and I fell in love with it. From the management all the way down, absolutely great.

The chapel I do appreciate having because I visited it the other day and they have a mass every last Friday of the month. I look forward to that and that's a nice feeling right there. And if I have nothing better to do, I walk up to the chapel and there's always someone there having a service. That's a nice feeling, too." Dot H.

"Everyone treats our loved one like family. We are so glad we made the move!" Anonymous (internal questionnaire)

"It was harder for me to get around and i couldn't drive. And so my niece and I decided, it was time for me to find a place where I could have companionship. I just love getting up and coming to the restaurant and having something to eat and not having to worry about my food and the weather of getting out and doing the dishes." Virginia O. 

Thanks for making our first week so great! Everyone has went above and beyond." Eva, Teresa, Steve, Mike, Leo (some of our first residents)

"I feel she is safe. They are so patient with our loved ones. The get the residents involved. The staff call residents by their names. They smile and say hello. It takes special people to work with memory care people. They are that special. I can sleep! Max442033 (caring.com)

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